February 7, 2010

Help Rose Fundraiser

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Rose's friend, Danielle Gillett, an award winning local photographer, decided to organize a family portrait fundraiser for Rose. It will be a great opportunity to get beautiful portraits of families, friends or pets. Sessions are limited to first come-first serve basis. Additional photos will be available online for those who want them. We would like to thank all of our sponsors; including the photographers, Bay Photo for donating the prints, Felton Fire, Redwood Pizza, and Mount Hermon. If you would like to help or schedule a sitting, email us at: helprosefund@gmail.com

It has taken us a while to put this all together. Thank you for your patience. Rose's medical bills are huge and continue to grow. She has applied for financial assistance but none has come through in over 3 months. She is taking out loans for rent, food and necessities. She goes back to Santa Rosa tomorrow morning for more extensive tests on her back and to see her neurosurgeon, who is hoping to avoid back surgery.

A special needs trust account has been set up for Rose at Liberty Bank in Felton, where you can send checks directly. Also, a Paypal account has been set up for online donations. Physically, Rose is doing everything in her power to get back on her feet. Financially, Rose can use your help to get back on her feet. Thank you all for your support.

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